Broadened Intent for this Blog — more like “Memoirs and Travel Writing”

The intent of this blog has changed somewhat since I set it up, and since I haven’t posted yet (!!), I am going to post with the following intent:  these stories are stories of my life as a facilitator, including participatory community development, teaching and working with schools, and any other life stories that come to me.  They will be posted as they come to me, with time markers where relevant, so that at some future time they could be assembled in some kind of order.

Wayne’s unexpected death last January made me realize that intellectual knowledge, or stories, that are held only in the head of a person can suddenly disappear and be unavailable.  I don’t know if my stories will be useful or not, but at least they will be accessible.

I was inspired by a writing course I took with Ann Ireland on “Memoirs and Travel Writing”, and the first posts are the unedited submissions I made for that course.

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